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In October 2015 I decided after being involved in the photography industry for 35 years as a photographer it was time to enter the world of digital image & photographic art.

On the 1st January 2016 I launched my image & photo-art website.

If your searching for that special art image and wish to view more works like the ones below then check it out at....

The minority inspire me. ''for its the mass, that keeps me going''

Night Train

I'm the only one [series image collection]

Rock Pool

The Artists Home

New Future

Light to Ripe

Down on the Street

Returning to Port


Paddling in the Tyrrhenian

Yachts at Rest

Enchanted Wood


On Patrol

Palms in Fruit


Across Golden Pond

Wreck & Ruins

Warmth of the Med

Heading Offshore

Sea Fishermen

Boating on the Avon

Looking out to Sea

Natures Table

Transparent Flight

Quiet Moment

Modern & Shakespearean Meet

San Vito Valley