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At the very start of the digital era our consumer outlets were filled with digital cameras and many people purchased a point and shoot camera. It was a great invention ' instant holiday snaps and family photos ' but there was a underlying problem that would bring disappointment to many a consumer seeking pro-photographic services. The amateur / hobbyist went and purchased such cameras and called themselves professional photographers. Of course you can imagine the problems and heart ache that lay ahead for consumers who thought they had commissioned a professional 'especially wedding couples'

Do not be mistaken digital cameras that offer satisfactory imaging results are available but they are expensive has are the lenses and other equipment required to operate them. Digital imaging tools will only produce good results if operated by competent and qualified photographers but even then the image quality remains in the shadows of the pure real photographic quality produced from film / emulsion cameras and equipment.

We have a background of over 35 years real film photography and photographic knowledge and the last 20 years has qualified professionals. Simon studied digital imaging in great depth for over 15 years before deciding to introduce digital capture services. Simon's digital work speaks for itself and with his personalised equipment, knowledge and long time study, the images he produces are as close to Film Photography one can get, without actually shooting film. Unlike 99.9% of todays digital creators, Simon does not use Adobe Photoshop.

Photography is about documenting light with a chosen subject ' painting with light ' The camera is the brush, the light is the paint and the film is the canvas. To be able to document a image the photographer must have a full understanding of exposure in natural light and studio environments so only exceptable results are produced. Aperture and shutter speed settings combined with the correct lens and film for the job at hand are vital if top professional results are to be produced. It goes without saying knowledge and experience are just has important too.

Professional photographers will use a handheld light meter because it is the only way to read the light and exposure correctly. Most cameras have a light meter built in but they can not always be relied on to take correct exposure readings has they only offer a reflected light meter reading.

Please remember traditional photographs ''real photographs as we know them'' can only be produced from film. Digital imaging produces prints from electronic files ''not photographs'' Digital Imaging does have a place in the visual world of expression, but it must start to establish itself apart from photography. Otherwise photography will continue to suffer and digital imaging will not have its own creditable identity!

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